Title: Metal Field Artist: SPK 31 plays

SPK – Metal Field

Ballardian video neuronica


Le Mort de Don Juan, 1935

Mario Prassinos


Throbbing Gristle - Dream Machine

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Flowers thrown into a dumpster in Greenwood Cemetery, NY

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1989 Shinya Tsukamoto

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The Tear Garden—You and Me and Rainbows


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Severed Heads - Hot With Fleas

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Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) (1966) dir. David Lynch 

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Nine Inch Nails: While I’m Still Here (Breyer P-Orridge ‘Howler’ Remix) from the Hesitation Marks Deluxe Edition.

Some words about the remix, taken from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's correspondence with Trent Reznor:

Lady Jaye, my other half, we married Friday June 13th 1995, was raised from a small child by her grandmother. In 1996, whilst living happily on 10 acres of redwoods with a creek & waterfalls and no neighbours, we heard Mimi, her gran, was severely ill, with colostomy bag, unable to walk and increasingly overwhelming Alzheimers. We agreed to leave California to go to Queens and take care of Mimi 24x7. After a year or so Mimi had to go into full time care as her dementia was so out of touch with “non-sensus reality”.

When we went to work with Sean on your beautiful song he told me his grandmother had just passed away a week ago from Alzheimers and dementia!

This all felt significant, though we don’t know your story and would never ask.

We had recorded Howler monkeys at LA zoo as they woke at dawn in 1996…and kept that tape for some special project. That is what is in the background. The trumpet is a Tibetan Thighbone trumpet, 300+ years old, the thigh of a virgin once owned by Trungpa Kunley of the “crazy Path” of Buddhism. There’s also a Shiva Sadhu’s serpent shaped trumpet. Both said to destroy demons…or in Western speak, release hormones that balance mental issues.

The voice at start and end is Lady Jaye talking about MIND is the being, not the body, just before s/he dropped her body. We wanted it to all be as intimate as you implied it was.

We are proud that the remix WAS included on the deluxe package.

We hope that information helps you see the story we were trying to tell with sound. We always feel music is storytelling, psychic hygiene/healing for our chosen tribe.

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Skinny Puppy - brab + smothered hope live 1987

Title: Metal Field Artist: SPK 31 plays

SPK – Metal Field


The Mountain, 1933

Emily Carr